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March 22, 2007

Boca Raton, FL
February 25, 2007

American art pottery, especially Roseville, comes on strong in Boca Raton at J.K. Galleries February sale.

BOCA RATON, FL - Almost all of the pottery lots at the J.K. Galleries sale on February 25, in Boca Raton, FL sold over the high estimate. The 300 lot sale included 21 lots of Roseville Futura that all sold over the estimate with many selling for over $1,000. Gallery owner Jay Kielstock seems to have found a solid market in South Florida for American art pottery and the market is strong, especially in middle period and Arts & Crafts.

The Sunday afternoon sale saw 60 registered bidders on the floor competing against 46 phone bidders and the 478 who registered to participate in the sale though All of J.K. Galleries sales are carried on LiveAuctioneers. At this sale 26 percent of the lots sold online including the top lot of the sale, a Pairpoint Puffy lamp with a superb Venice shade. The shade, with dark red and pink roses and emerald leaves mixed with white scroll work, had a 14in diameter. The brass finish base was stamped with the Pairpoint mark of the P in the diamond trademark. It sold to a LiveAuctioneers bidder for $6,600 including the 20 percent online premium. Other significant online sales included a North Dakota School of Mines cobalt blue vase, 6 by 7in, with carved leaves outlined in beige which brought $2,160 after premium, a French cameo glass vase, 26in high, signed Mont Joye, in shades of green with carved thistles and leaves in gold and bronze colors, $3,360 and a Weller coppertone urn, 5½ by 6½in, with a full bodied frog climbing at the top, exceeded estimate at $1,440.

Roseville Futura items were competed heavily on the phone. The best Futura was a bulbous balloon vase on open legs, shape #404, 8in tall, 6in wide, in a multi green drip glaze with balloons in pale pink, yellow and blue. It sold to a collector on the phone for $2,300 including the 15 percent inhouse and phone premium, well above the $900 estimate. A 10in tall vase in Futura shape #410, beige and green, brought $2,185 against the $1,200 estimate, a 10in mottled green Futura Pine Cone vase, shape #433, sold for $1,380, above estimate and a square Futura footed planter, 4in tall and 5in wide, with tan interior, blue exterior and mottle green feet tripled the $400 estimate at $1,265. In addition to the Futura line Roseville had significant other entries such as the 15in tall Baneda floor vase, shape #600 in stunning blue with outstanding detail. It sold over estimate for $3,105 and a beautiful blue Pine Cone jardiniere and pedestal that brought $1,610.

In addition to the coppertone urn by Weller that sold online, a number of other Weller pieces did very well on the floor. The top Weller lot was a figural lawn ornament in the shape of 12in tall, 10in wide chicken, in matte finish with glossy eyes. The pale greens and blues contrasted nicely with the tan and coffee background. It sold for $2,645. A glossy Louwelsea 12in vase with a large central portrait of what appears to be Davy Crockett in raccoon hat in excellent detail, more than doubled the high estimate of $700 bringing in $1,495 and a Weller 7in oval tray with a full bodied fox in naturalistic colors, in good condition, sold for $978, more than doubling its estimate of $400.

Kielstock said most of the bidders were dealers and collectors from Florida who have grown to trust J.K. Galleries to provide first rate merchandise. He noted that the four hour sale was very consistent throughout with no low spots. For more information call Kielstock or Auction Manager Amanda Watkins at (954) 421-2800, or email at or visit the website at J.K. Galleries is located at 8221 W. Glades Road, Suite # 13, Boca Raton, FL 33434.
written by:
Fred & Gail Taylor

Boca Raton, FL
Sale February 25, 2007

The top lot of the sale was this Pairpoint Puffy lamp with roses on the shade. It sold online for $6,600.

A Weller chicken figural lawn ornament brought $2,645.

A North Dakota School of Mining cobalt blue vase went for $2,160.

A Roseville Futura balloon vase on open legs, 8in tall, sold on the phone for $2,300.

This 15in tall floor vase from the Baneda line of Roseville went over estimate at $3,105.

A French cameo glass vase, 26in high, signed Mont Joye, brought $3,360 online.

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