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February 12, 2007

Citra, FL
March 3, 2007

Larry Roberts, author of "Florida’s Golden Age of Souvenirs 1890-1930" will offer most of his personal collection of Florida souvenirs at Turkey Creek Auctions in Citra, FL on March 3.

For collectors of vintage Florida souvenirs, memorabilia and collectibles, the pearly gates are about to swing wide open. Larry Roberts, the acknowledged guru on the subject and the author of "Florida’s Golden Age of Souvenirs 1890-1930" and a consultant for the Florida History Museum in Tallahassee, has engaged Turkey Creek Auctions to dispose of the bulk of his personal collection as well as the inventory of his retail shop in Micanopy, FL. This once in a lifetime opportunity will start Saturday March 3 at 4:30PM beginning with the postcard collection. It will be held in the Turkey Creek Auctions barn in Citra, FL, 13 miles north of Ocala on U.S. Highway 441.

The sale of Roberts’ collection with no additions will consist of around 25,000 – 30,000 smalls that will be offered in selected groupings and between 50,000 and 60,000 vintage postcards, also to be offered in groups in addition to the larger single items.

Virtually all of the items pictured in Roberts’ book will be included in the inventory. Of special interest is the large polychrome plaque by Florida artist Olive Commons. The plaque, one of Commons’ largest works, is featured on the inside cover of the book. It is conservatively estimated to sell in the $3,000/$5000 range. Other works by Commons from the 1920s and 1930s will include Florida art, jewelry and porcelain. Special creations by Stuart, FL metal smith and artist Serge Nekrassoff, including some of his trademark large pins will cross the block. Many of these items were acquired by Roberts directly from the Nekrassoff family. Also being offered is a large collection of Florida pottery including works from Merritt Island Pottery, founded in 1937, Floramics from the 1940s and Silver Springs pottery from the 1930s as well as hand colored photos and prints by early 20th century Florida photographers and artists William J. Harris and Esmond G. Barnhill including many of their prints shown in the book. The auction inventory additionally will include vintage Florida fishing tackle, Indian artifacts, Seminole dolls, Florida ephemera and Florida themed shieldware.

Robert’s collection was hand selected by him from all over the country through the years as he traveled the country, buying and bartering to augment his inventory which today includes several rare alligator steins that are expected to sell in the $400-$800 range, selected alligator carvings ranging from the 1870s to the 1920s, some very rare Florida spoons in the $200-$400 range and souvenir Florida china found in nooks and crannies all over the United States. Roberts’ authoritative book is currently available on Amazon.com with free shipping and can be found at selected bookstores.

Turkey Creek Auctions has been in Central Florida for over twenty years and conducts twelve regular monthly auctions each year in addition to special events like the Larry Roberts sale. Auction owner Charles David Glynn will be accepting absentee bids for this sale. Preview for the sale will be Friday March 2 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM at the Auction facility. Turkey Creek Auctions is located at 13939 N. Hwy 441 in Citra, 13 miles north of Ocala. Visit the website at http://www.antiqueauctionsfl.com/ for directions and more information or call David Glynn at (800) 648-7523 for details.
written by:
Fred & Gail Taylor

Sale March 3, 2007

This large (6½ in high) cameona porcelain polychrome plaque by Olive Commons is estimated to sell at $3,000/$5,000.

Some of the variety of Native American Seminole dolls.

This hand colored print, 7⅛in by 9½in, entitled "Palm River, Fla" is signed lower left by William J. Harris.

Orangeware with applied alligators and orange blossoms.

These German figural gator steins are made by Bohn Söhne (L) and marked "Musterschutz" (R).


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