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November 30, 2006

Sale January 13, 2007

Jack Eubanks Auction opens the 2007 season with an eclectic sale that will appeal to almost everyone on January 13.

BREVARD, NC - Jack Eubanks Auction will host the most wide ranging sale of its ten year history on January 13 in Brevard, NC. The sale will feature a 500+ lot inventory complied from a number of both living and deceased estates from North Carolina and one from Florida. One prominent estate is that of Betty H. Austin, a renowned Tuscaloosa, AL artist who taught at the University of Alabama and Mississippi Southern University. Mrs. Austin was a member of the exclusive art society the Salmagundi Club of New York and exhibited her paintings at the "American Painters in Paris Exhibition" in 1976 and presented one woman shows in Montgomery, AL, New York and Manzillo, Mexico. She was inducted in the "World’s Who’s Who of Women" in 1982. The sale will offer a number of her original portraits and landscapes. Other works of art by Florida Highwayman Sam Newton, oil on board, Denholm Davis (1876-1950) oil on canvas, Whitney Myron Hubbard, American (1875-1965), mixed media and Reynold Henry Weidenaar, American (1915-1985), lithograph, will also cross the block.

The work by Weidenaar consists of three lithographs, two progressive artist’s proofs and a final copy labeled "200/4." The subject of the work in progress proofs is the "Train Carrier, Ludington." The mixed media work by Hubbard has a label on the reverse that identifies it as "Stirling Creek, Greenport, L.I." The sale will also feature original works by North Carolina artists Ann DeGara and locally renowned artist Helene Andrews. In addition a number of original circus posters from 1940s and 1950s winter camps in the Sarasota, Fl area will be shown.

An interesting assortment of non-art lots will help keep everyone’s attention. A wide variety of contemporary face jugs will be offered along with numerous examples of Southern pottery, Pisgah Forest Pottery from Ardon, NC, a variety of Cherokee baskets and mobile in the style of designer Alexander Calder. In addition there will be a U.S. Navy captain’s hat accompanied by his original belt , buckle and epaulettes, all contained in the original metal carrying case from the late 19th or early 20th century. A small number of select firearms will cross the block including a nice Luger P-08, a Model 1896 Broomhandle Mauser, a 1917 U.S. Army Colt .45 auto and an 1856 .44 Star revolver. Jack Eubanks is a licensed Federal Firearms dealer and all regulations will be followed. There will also be a 148 piece set of Bernina crystal tableware.

The extremes of the sale can be found in two lots. One is from an estate that originated in Upstate New York. The owners retired to North Carolina and brought with them a number of 19th century farm primitives. The most interesting is a wooden treadmill about the right size for a large dog or goat, attached to a crank that operates a churn, presumably to make butter. At the other end of the spectrum is a 1979 Roll Royce Silver Shadow II with 27,000 miles on the clock. This is the only lot in the entire sale that will be sold with a reserve. The minimum bid on the Rolls is $25,000.

Eubanks expects to have the entire catalog of the sale posted on the website by January 1, 2007. Check http://www.jackeubanks.com/ for updates. Preview for the sale is by appointment at the Auction’s gallery at 220 South Broad Street in Brevard, NC. Auction begins at 9 AM. See the website for directions. Phone bids and absentee bids are welcome. Seating for around 160 bidders can be reserved by email at info@jackeubanks.com or by phone at (828) 884-7889.

written by:
Fred & Gail Taylor

Sale January 13, 2007
Brevard, NC

Rolls – This 1979 Silver Shadow II Rolls Royce with 27,000 miles will be the only lot with a reserve.

This oil on canvas, 26 by 22in, is by Betty H. Austin.

Oil on canvas portrait, 56 by 36in, by Denholm Davis.

Mixed media "Stirling Creek, Greenport, L.I." by Whitney Myron Hubbard.

This mobile in the style of Alexander Calder is marked "VAN 72" on the top element.

This primitive animal powered treadmill churn came from a 19th century farm in Upstate New York.

This lithograph by Weidenaar is named "Train Carrier, Ludington."

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